Anticellulite body serum 200ml


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 Fresh&organic Anticellulite serum

-  Removes deposits of cellulite in a short period of time
-  The skin becomes taut, soft and radiant
-  It stimulates blood circulation and eliminates toxins from the skin
-  Dissolves fat and prevents accumulation of new
-  Stimulates microcirculation from preset cellulite tissues where circulation is nearly zero
-  Absorbs quickly, hydrates and tones the skin
-  100% Natural Ingredients - not addictive

BIOMEDIS Anticellulite serum contains ingredients carefully selected from nature and thus helps you reduce cellulite, firm your body and reduce fatty tissue.

The product was tested on 50 women aged 35 – 55. In a very short period of time all women had reduced cellulite by rubbing BIOMEDIS serum once daily into problem areas, wrapping them in transparent foil and leaving for 60 minutes.

Owing to rosemary, sage and eucalyptus it effectively reduces the fatty layers on thighs and hips leaving the skin tightened, soft and shiny. Along with reducing the cellulite, it stimulates the blood circulation and elimination of toxins from the body.

Ivy is one of the most familiar natural allies against cellulite. It is used to reduce the body fat. Drainage removes excess water which results in reduction of unwanted fat tissue and its final elimination. Ivy stimulates microcirculation of cellulite areas where it is almost non-existent. It disintegrates the fats and prevents their accumulation.

Apricot and almond ensure quick absorption, hydration and toning leaving the skin firm.


Shake before use. Apply every day to cellulite areas and then massage in firmly. With everyday use and a bit of patience, this cellulite serum will very soon give the desired results. For quick removal, after applying the serum wrap the cellulite areas in transparent foil and leave for 60 minutes.



  • HEDEREA HEIX (English Ivy)
  • PRUNUS DULCIS (Almond)
  • THEOBROMA CACAO (Cocoa butter)
  • ALGAE (Algae)
  • CERA ALBA (Bee wax)
  • ZEOLIT KLINOPTILOLIT (natural mineral Zeolite)
  • CITRUS LIMON (Lemon)
  • SALVIA OFFICINALIS (Common sage)
  • EUKALYPTUS CITRIODORA (Eucalyptus oil)


 BIOmedis natural premium products are not tested on animals. Paraben free and does not contain industrial colors, industrial parfumes, industrial basis, emulsifiers or preservatives


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