Tonifying Lotion 200ml


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This tonic cleanses and cares for the face and neck. It contains 100% natural organic ingredients.


Red algae gel boosts collagen production, reduces wrinkles, enhances the skin's elasticity and has an antimicrobial and regenerative effect. Aloe vera gel regenerates, hydrates and has anti-inflammatory benefits

Provitamin B5, which is also called panthenol or dexpanthenol, is a precursor of vitamin B5. In skin, it quickly metabolizes into vitamin B5. It has a soothing and relieving effect and hydrates the skin and offers support for the self-regeneration of the skin during night. Therefore, it is suitable for sensitive, rough and irritated skin and is also used in night care products.

Allantoin stimulates the cell growth, epithelization and skin regeneration. It has strong anti-inflammatory benefits. Immortelle essential oil is No. 1 product in skin regeneration and anti-aging care. Apart from the fact that it will prevent formation of fine lines, reduce already existing wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin it also has an excellent effect on hematomas and only one drop prevents their formation after injury. Besides that, it heals scars and also has an effect on dark circles.



glycerin (glycerol from plant origin)

algae (red algae gel)

aloe barbadensis extract (aloe vera extract)

panthenol (provitamin B5)


helichrysum italicum oil (immortelle essential oil)

benzyl alcohol

dehydroacetic acid

polysorbate 20



*essential oil ingredients



BIOmedis natural premium products are not tested on animals

Paraben free and does not contain industrial colors, industrial parfumes, industrial basis, emulsifiers or preservatives


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