Problematic skin

If for some time you have problems with acne, oily or dry skin, a dermatologist failed to solve your problems with expensive creams, then probably your skin reacts negatively to synthetic ingredients that are found in the chemical cosmetics. Have you tried to solve your problem with a completely natural cosmetic products?

The skin is exposed daily to harmful external factors therefore it needs regular care and attention. For ideal complexion we recommend you completely natural Cream for problematic skin, but before that we recommend peeling and face mask, and tonic for cleansing and skin care.


This way the skin regenerates faster on its surface creating a new layer, and oxygen flow rate together with the intake of valuable nutrients, cream which you use is enhanced and prolonged.

The cream is designed to care for and regenerate impure, problematic and damaged skin susceptible to allergic reactions. The composition of this cream acts on skin antiseptic, not containing raw materials of animal origin, industrial base, emulsifiers or fragrances but has no detrimental effect even on the most sensitive skin types. With regular use of all the problems with unclean and damaged skin will disappear and the skin will take on a healthier look.

The cream can be applied several times a day according to your own needs. There are no restrictions in the application as it is completely natural, does not contain corticosteroids or any harmful chemical substance. Massage the cream with gentle movements on parts of the skin where there are damages. After treatment, the skin becomes silky and smooth. It is possible to have redness and slight stinging because cream contains ingredients that enhance microcirculation of the skin, in order for the skin to received more "food“ from bloodstream for the normal function of the skin. It is ideal as a base for makeup as it’s quickly absorbed.


Made in Croatia.

Biomedis products are not tested on animals, contain no parabens, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives.

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