Do you know what do we use Skin Serums for and what is a proper way of using them?


The best Serum for all skin types

Many women do not use serums but are more focused on a wide range of skin cremes, no matter that serums have higher concentration and go deeper into your skin than a regular face creme. They are excellent preparation for your skin as they amplify their efficiency, so besides the fact that they intenifly act on skin, they also boost the activity of skin creme. Because of that, once you have tried our Serum will not want to change it.

Serums are supposed to be used before the cream. You should leave the Serum to absorb and then put on a cream. In case the Serum will fulfil all your needs it is not necessary to put a cream over it, or in case it is mentioned that the Serum should be used alone.

The best efficiency Serums will show in the area of hidratation, pigmentation, unattainable, grey skin, and wrinkles. Serums have a high concentration of an ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol or antioxidants, which focuses on a specific skin problem, but often have higher prices. Adding serum to your routine may seem complicated and as if you have unnecessarily extended your morning or evening routine, but if you choose a serum that matches your requirements and skin type much faster than the cream you will notice the results.


The best anti-wrinkle serum

When it comes to the selection of wrinkle serum, then it will be difficult to decide for only one serum. It is usually necessary to regenerate the skin, fight against the skin, increase pigmentation, and often also to hydrate the skin. However, we have found the ideal serum for you, made on a totally natural base of almond oil, jojoba oil and night cream - BIOMEDIS Moisturizing anti-wrinkle serum.

BIOMEDIS Moisturizing anti-wrinkle serum

Almond oil is an excellent refresher for dry skin. It quickly absorbs and prevents loss of moisture, and helps reduce tired fatigue. It is rich in vitamin E that slows the appearance of wrinkles.

Jojoba oil smoothes wrinkles and keeps skin from premature aging. Superbly hydrates the skin, stabilizes the skin and regenerates it. It quickly and deeply penetrates the skin.

Night Care Oil is ideal for skin care that is dry, damaged and prone to wrinkles. Reduces redness and wrinkles. After use, the skin is smooth and silky.

How is it used? Apply to the face and neck skin and around the eyes after cleansing the face. After that, apply a cream on your face.

Made in Croatia.

Biomedis products are not tested on animals, contain no parabens, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives.

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