Story about Biomedis

Would you like that someone buy only the best fresh organic ingredients and made a superb fresh organic cosmetics for you and your baby? That is fresh organic cosmetics BIOMEDIS. Family tradition of phytotherapy and homeotherapy is older than 150 years.

BIOMEDIS takes a holistic approach to health, which tells us that the products applied to the skin of the body and enters the body should be natural and organic.


All BIOMEDIS products are made exclusively from the finest natural and organic raw materials. Raw materials for the production of BIOMEDIS products are carefully selected and collected from different, green, clean, untouched parts of Croatian and world and each component is tested under controlled conditions to ensure BIOMEDIS product quality guarantee.


The skin is responsible for the entire body and the main task of natural cosmetics is to initiate its natural functioning, and not an additional burden. Natural cosmetics skin is not addictive and does not lead to the emergence reductions intended effect. Our goal is to educate customers about the big difference between a completely natural and "marketing natural cosmetics".


BIOMEDIS is today one of the leading companies in Croatia for the production and sale of fresh natural cosmetics with organic ingredients.



The vision of the company BIOMEDIS is to be innovative, modern and efficient international company that manufactures and distributes high-quality natural cosmetics and contributes to the quality of life and health of consumers.


Happy and nurtured women and educating consumers about the great difference between the fresh 100% natural cosmetics, "marketing" of natural cosmetics and chemical cosmetics and also about the identification of ingredients in "marketing" natural and chemical cosmetics.


  • Quality as imperative
  • The development of new high-quality natural products
  • The satisfaction of the end user
  • Stimulating work-environment


Nicolas Muller